Flavour straight from the flower to your plate

The delicate floral bouquet of freshly harvested honey tells the story of your bees and the flowers they visited… with a Flow Hive that story is more clearly told (and tasted… and smelt!).

Bees tend to fill cells in succession, and one frame at a time, so each Flow Frame will reflect the forage available at the time the bees fill it.

Flow’s patented technology allows each single source honey to be tapped individually, so you can experience the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle!) seasonal variations in colour, flavour and bouquet.

Flow Frame honey is ready to eat straight from the hive without the blending, heating and oxidisation associated with conventional harvesting methods, allowing the distinctive notes to shine through.

Honey can come from a wonderful array of different flowers in bloom, or be single-origin – most backyard honey will be a mix of nectar sources, as the bees may be foraging on flowering thyme, dandelion, basil, clover, linden, or eucalyptus, and thus be “multi-floral” honey.

The unique flavours in your jar of honey will reflect the specific location and seasonality of nectar flows.

bee covered in pollen

Sweet fact – you can trace the origin of your honey by analysing the pollen attached to your bees’ hairy body.

These Flow beekeepers love their Flow Hive honey:

Over the last 18 months, we have harvested about 70kg of honey. We give it away to friends and colleagues – they often remark on the complexity of flavours, the clarity of the honey and the subtle range of aromas.

Tom, Toowong, Australia

We so love the exquisite ease of harvest and saw the variations of honey colour as it came out depending on which frame it was in.

We tell anyone that will listen how great the Flow Hive is… We also have the traditional Langstroth hives, but there is NO comparison!

Carol, Oregon USA

My very first #flowhive harvest!!! This was so exciting! It was everything they say it is! We only did one frame and got loooads of honey, I didn't expect so much! There's really nothing quite like tasting fresh, warm honey from the tap! I could taste all the native trees and plants from around our property.

Carly, Hobart, Australia

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