Honey tastes more than "sweet"

You love the natural sweetness honey brings to your morning tea or toast; but have you ever stopped to really taste all the unique flavours?

Bees tend to focus on filling one Flow Frame out a time. You'll be delighted to discover seasonal variation– when the lime orchard is in flower, the honey will be imbued with a zesty citrus note, but when the roses are out it will take on a more floral, aromatic taste.

You'll discover a treasure of uniquely flavoured and coloured honey and taste a world of difference between store-bought honey and your amazing individual Flow Frame freshly-harvested raw honey.

Before long all your friends will be bringing empty jars when they come and visit. If they like it so much, they want a Flow Hive of their own, don’t forget about our Refer-A-Friend program – you'll receive a €50 voucher reward when someone that you refer to us makes their first purchase over €150.

Tasting honey can be as fine an art as wine tasting, and just as fun! So how about hosting a honey tasting with your friends to show off your very own Flow Hive harvested honey.

Holding a honey tasting is a beautiful way to appreciate all the hard work done by your bees to create their liquid gold (or amber, burnt coffee or icy white). Thanks girls!

Download Flow's Guide to Hosting a Honey Tasting