Business for Positive Purpose

The Flow-On Effect

Flow is about more than just harvesting honey in a gentle way—it’s about creating community, educating people about the importance of bees, and empowering beekeepers both old and new to make a positive change to help protect these important little creatures. Bees are tiny environmental champions! They are responsible for the pollination of 30 percent of the world's crops and up to 90 percent of our wild plants. At Flow, we strive to follow in their footsteps by doing business in a regenerative, ethical and sustainable manner, whilst also creating a positive impact on big picture conservation and community outreach programs. Since its launch in 2015, the Flow Hive has inspired thousands of new beekeepers around the world with over 50,000 customers in 130 countries and roused many to look after pollinators which are vital to our natural world.

"I would like to extend my gratitude to Stuart & Cedar and the team at Flow Hive for making this possible. My whole approach to gardening has changed as a result of my beekeeping hobby, every flower now has a new purpose, I love that fact that the bees are so abundant and productive.” Carly O'Brien, Australia

Upcycled Pollinator House

Our team were incredibly proud of the response that our Flow Pollinator House received, selling out in only 4 days in Australia! This is the first product we have created where 100% of profits are being donated to habitat conservation.

Not only are these homes for pollinators designed to encourage native pollinators to take up residence in your garden, each purchase is also contributing to our big picture mission of protecting large habitat corridors to enable these garden allies to continue their important work.

This product is also helping to reduce our environmental footprint by utilising our Western Red Cedar offcuts—created through manufacturing our Flow Hives.

Who are we donating to?

We think that an important part of raising funds and awareness for environmental protection is listening to our Flow community to ensure that we are making the greatest impact possible. So we're asking you to help us decide which environmental protection organisation to support with these generous donations.

At the completion of our Flow Pollinator House campaign, we will be sending out an email to our Flow community to ask you to vote on how to best support pollinator habitat protection.

We look forward to hearing how our Flow community feels we can do the best for our planet.

We have not yet been able to offer our Flow Pollinator House to our European and United Kingdom community, however, hope to in future.


Here at Flow, we are inspired by bees and endeavour to take a leaf (or petal) from their book. We strive to do business in a regenerative, ethical and sustainable manner, and have joined the global movement of like-minded people using business as a force for good as a Certified B Corporation®.

Being a B Corp™ means a commitment
to finding a balance between purpose and profit, and are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, supplier, community and the environment.

The 'Flow on effect' isn’t just confined to donations and can be found in every decision Flow makes as a company.

This encompasses the raw materials from which our products are made, to organic GOTS certification for our Beekeeping suits, and extends to limiting the waste generated by manufacturing by utilising timber offcuts and repurposing unused panels for the creation of our Pollinator House.

Nepal Earthquake Funds $133,885.00

When Nepal was in a state of crisis following a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in 2015 Flow's community raised $133,885.00 to help Oxfam provide much-needed relief.

More than eight million were affected by Nepal’s worst natural disaster in more than 80 years. Almost a million children needed urgent care.

Flow Hive Vanuatu Cyclone Funds $97,360.00

Flow partnered with Oxfam Australia to raise $97,360.00 for their emergency response in Vanuatu in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Pam.

“We’ve enjoyed so much support for our Flow Hive from all corners of the globe and it’s showed how concerned and engaged our global community really is. We were really excited to have the opportunity to leverage some of the interest in what we’re doing into something that would directly benefit the people of Vanuatu and help them rebuild their lives after such a shocking event,” Stu Anderson According to UNICEF, at least 132,000 people (half the population of Vanuatu) were rendered homeless by Pam, 54,000 of them children.

The Hunger Project $30,850.00

When you decide to work with a charity, choosing the right one can be a tough call. There are so many organisations out there doing amazing work in all kinds of arenas. For us, the appeal of The Hunger Project goes beyond its aims. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of non-profits have a focus on feeding hungry people.

What we love about The Hunger Project is how they go about it.

Their emphasis is providing people living in hunger with the tools, training and social infrastructure they need to feed themselves and build more prosperous communities in the long term. There are multiple factors at play in a community’s well-being, so it’s about not just recognising that people are in poverty, but exploring why and finding local solutions to local problems.

The Hunger Project is focussed on empowering people, especially women, to be leaders in their communities with education, training and social infrastructure.

Pollination T-Shirts for the Rainforest Trust

The preservation of forest ecosystems around the world is vital to the health of thousands of species of pollinators so Flow partnered with artist Helen Ahpornsiri to promote pollination and raise important funds for pollinator habitat.

All profits from the sale of our Flow T-Shirts were directed towards the conservation of rainforest in Borneo.

Our donations were matched by 3:1 by philanthropists saving approximately 7,600 acres of rainforest in Borneo.

The Rainforest Trust focus on saving acres of rainforest through land purchase and protection.

Flow Hive support for beekeeping clubs

It’s often said that if you ask two beekeepers one question, you’ll get three answers! Beekeeping practices vary greatly in every region—we think it is vital that all newbees have access to expert beekeeping support whilst they are learning, so they can maintain healthy bees and develop into knowledgeable beekeepers.

We recommend all new beekeepers connect with their local bee club who can provide the best local knowledge to make their beekeeping journey a successful one. Our Beekeeping Club Support Program offers support to existing clubs, associations and societies with the donation of a Flow Hive, plus additional support material. Our Flow team also assist with fundraising and aim to engage and grow healthy beekeeping practices everywhere.

There's a rapidly increasing number of bee clubs, associations and societies around the world which now have a display Flow Hive as donated through our Beekeeping Club Support Program. If you would like to visit a beekeeping club near you with a display Flow Hive, check out our Beekeeping Club Directory to get in contact to find out the best time to visit.

Education partnerships

The world of bees and pollinators is a fascinating one, and essential to our food production systems. At Flow we believe that educating young people about the importance of pollinators is vital work and deserves to be supported.

Flow partners with schools and other educational institutions to support their beekeeping programs with educational resources and beekeeping equipment. We hope that these new beekeepers will be inspired to look for inventive and creative solutions to the plight of pollinators.

We have created a special 'Educational Bundle' which has been incredibly popular with many schools taking advantage of this great offer.

If you are involved in an educational program and are interested in finding out how we can support you, get in contact with our education support team here.

Community Hives Project

Our community discount & donation program receives applications from a myriad of worthy causes from all around the globe, such as community gardens, children's charities, support for veterans through farming and honey programs in Madagascar to name a few.

Our special Flow committee meets once a month for the difficult task of assessing the applications from community and non-profit organisations.

Past successful applicants include the Education Arnia based in the UK, The Military Order of the Purple Heart (veteran support organisation) in the US and Reef Doctor in Madagascar.

If your not-for-profit organisation that would benefit from our program, please apply here.

If you would like to support a community hive for another organisation please get in touch and we can connect you to a range of interesting projects.

Protecting our local environment

Big Scrub Rainforest Day

Flow was invented in the hills of the “Big Scrub”, a beautiful part of northern NSW, Australia, and we were the major sponsor of the Big Scrub Rainforest Day 2016.

The Big Scrub Rainforest Day has been celebrating our local rainforest for a total of 18 years, and we are very proud to be the principal sponsor for 2016.

Set in the beautiful location of Rocky Creek Dam, the event brings together bird walks, workshops in plant use, talks by some of Australia’s leading ecologists, and to raise funds and awareness of the restoration and care for our critically endangered rainforest.